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Apple Dental Care is a general dental office that offers a range of services for you and your family. We provide the highest level of care, and also work with dental specialists to make sure that all of your dental needs are met.

Obtain the healthy smile you want with our help


Teeth whitening - get a whiter, brighter smile with our in-office or take-home whitening kits

Gum recontouring - an easy way to transform the shape and appearance of your gums

Veneers - change the size, shape, and color of your teeth for an all-new smile

Invisalign - straighten your teeth without brackets or wires


Emergency Care - call our office if you have a dental problem that needs prompt care

Fillings - we only use white fillings in our office for a nice appearance

Crowns & Bridges - restore severely broken down teeth or replace a missing tooth

Extractions - we will remove most teeth

Dentures & Partials - replace all or some of your missing teeth

Implant Restorations - we place beautiful crowns on your dental implant 

Scaling and Root Planing - if you have been diagnosed with gum disease, we can help you

Night Guards - if you are a night grinder, this may be an option for you


Routine Cleanings - keep your teeth shiny and healthy every 6 months

Dental X-rays - we use only digital x-rays, which limit the amount of radiation exposure and make early cavity detection easier

Dental Examinations - crucial to achieving and maintaining your dental health

Fluoride Treatments - recommended for all patients to help fight cavities

Oral Cancer Screenings - we use the OralID screening device to help us detect possible cancerous areas


Nitrous Oxide - a simple way to help relax you during your dental treatments


Sealants - we place sealants on permanent molars to help prevent cavities

Fillings - cavities can travel quickly in primary teeth, so we fill the teeth so that the patient can hold on to them longer

Crowns - we offer both silver and white crowns for our pediatric patients

Pulpotomies - for teeth with severe cavities, a nerve treatment may be needed

Extractions - we extract primary teeth when it is needed

Preventive Care - bring your child to our office for their routine dental visits

"I don't feel like a pincushion there- no poking or prodding."

-Paul G.